A Taste of Tradition: Rediscovering Lost Recipes at tinykeks Bakery

February 12, 2024 0 Comments

As the lanterns light up and the crescent moon shines, tinykeks Bakery in St. Louis welcomes Ramadan with open arms, offering a menu that is a nostalgic nod to Bosnian heritage. This season, we are proud to present a collection of cookies that not only delight the palate but also pay homage to the rich traditions of Bosnia, a land where every recipe tells a story.

Rediscovered Delights: Bosnian Cookies to Cherish

Štrudlica sa Datulama: A New Arrival with Old Roots We are proud to introduce the Štrudlica sa Datulama, a pastry that takes you on a journey back to the cobblestone streets of Sarajevo. Wrapped in a delicate pastry envelope, the sweet date filling is a testament to the simplicity and richness of Bosnian dessert culture.

Orasčići: The Nutty Heart of Bosnia Our Orasčići are more than just cookies; they’re a cultural staple. Crafted from a family recipe that has been passed down through generations, these walnut cookies represent the soul of Bosnian hospitality and are a beloved treat during Ramadan evenings.

Badem Kolačići: Almond Kisses from the Balkans Tiny yet mighty, our Badem Kolačići are bite-sized almond cookies that offer a crunchy texture and a buttery finish. They echo the sounds of laughter and the warmth of family gatherings, bringing the essence of Bosnian festivity to St. Louis.

Šape: Pawprints of Sweetness A childhood favorite for many, Šape (meaning ‘paws’) are uniquely shaped cookies with a tender crumb that dissolves in your mouth. These cookies are often the first to disappear from the Ramadan treat table, leaving behind a trail of sweet memories.

Join Us in Celebrating Heritage
This Ramadan, tinykeks Bakery is your destination for authentic Bosnian cookies that tell tales of history, community, and the flavors that have traversed mountains and valleys to reach our ovens in St. Louis.
Come, take a bite of history, and let the flavors of Bosnia envelop you in the warmth of the season.
For Orders and Inquiries: www.tinykeks.com | (314)665-4012
From our family to yours, we wish you a Ramadan filled with peace, joy, and the timeless taste of tradition at tinykeks Bakery.