Crispy chocolate biscuits with hazelnut praline Bavarian, hazelnut cream mousse, and Baileys Hazelnut icing 1300gr ST. LOUIS ONLY!
Black Forest Cake – A timeless delight that is renowned for its indulgent flavors and luxurious textures, the Black Forest Cake is often the first to disappear from the cake buffet, and for good reason. Starting with layers of moist chocolate sponge cake, each slice reveals a rich and ...
This exquisite caramel cake is luxuriously moist and delightfully buttery, offering the perfect balance of salty-sweet indulgence you’ve always craved. Crafted with our own artisanal caramel, the finest vanilla cake imaginable, and a luscious mascarpone cream infused with the essence of French vanilla, it’s a delectable treat available in ...
Champagne Cake – Elegance, sophistication, and an undeniable taste of luxury come together in this exceptional Champagne Cake, making it a cause for celebration in itself. Beginning with a delicate champagne-infused dough, this cake is a sublime experience in flavor. The dough is soft and moist, carrying the subtle ...
Rich chocolate chip cookies with a chunky  peanut butter surprise.
Chocolate log is a delicious creamy dark chocolate mousse log enriched with orange syrup, chocolate ganache and thin layer of hazelnut praline, topped with Callebaut chocolate glaze. ST. LOUIS ONLY! 1300gr
Chocolate Chip Coconut Sandwich Cookies. Soft, buttery, chewy cookies with crispy edges have plenty of chocolate chips and coconut baked right in. Then, they are sandwiched together with a delicious Ruby chocolate coconut ganache filling. $7 each, minimum 5 (3 inches diameter)
A “divine” log with praline is the best thing to accompany your any festive table! Hazelnut and chocolate filling rolled in almond cake and topped with hazelnut marshmallow cream makes this log a very fluffy, light and incredibly tasty dessert! ST. LOUIS ONLY!
This traditional Viennese Kiferl combines Madagascar vanilla bean and finely grated almonds, creating a light and crisp, melt-in-your-mouth, texture and flavor.
This Lemon Meringue Roulade is absolutely off the scale delicious. It is sweet as you like, filled with lush lemon cream and fresh glazed strawberries and surrounded by crisp, light, fluffy meringue. ST. LOUIS ONLY!
A divine combination of almonds and dried fruit, twice baked to a perfect crisp, gives this biscotti an ideal flavor and aroma with every bite.
The log is made of a very light and fresh lemon mousse and white chocolate, filled with raspberry custard and glazed with white chocolate. Simply delicious! 1200g $125 ST. LOUIS ONLY!

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