Welcome to tinykeks Bakery: A Legacy of Sweetness and Quality

March 4, 2024 0 Comments

The aroma of freshly baked cookies is more than just a scent at tinykeks Bakery; it’s a whisper of history, a tapestry of tradition, and a testament to the art of high-quality baking. Our story began with a simple act of love, as Aysha Hodzic, drawing from the culinary passions of her mother Esma, embarked on a journey that transformed family recipes into a symphony of sweet indulgence.

The tinykeks Origin: From Family Tradition to Culinary Innovation
Each delicate European-style cookie from tinykeks Bakery carries with it the legacy of Esma’s time-honored recipes, once lovingly shipped in care packages to Aysha’s daughters. With over 21 years as a restaurant owner and private chef, Aysha’s transition to crafting holiday cookies for family and friends was a natural progression of her culinary expertise. In 2017, the overwhelming adoration for her unique, bite-sized cookies ignited the vision for an online bakery, and thus, tinykeks was born.

The Original Cookie Bouquet Store: Where Gourmet Meets Gift-Giving
tinykeks Bakery isn’t just a bakery; it’s the original cookie bouquet store. Our gourmet gifts and cookie arrangements are crafted for all occasions and holidays, with each bite designed to convey the heartfelt messages often left unsaid. From corporate gifting to personal celebrations, our cookies offer a touch of elegance and a taste of luxury to any event.

The tinykeks Difference: A Callebaut Chocolate Revelation
What truly sets tinykeks Bakery apart is our unwavering commitment to premium ingredients, a principle ingrained by Esma and passionately upheld by Aysha. We pride ourselves on using the purest international and local products, from Irish butter and Italian flour to free-range eggs and the exquisite bean-to-bar Belgian Callebaut chocolate.
The crown jewel in our ingredient repertoire is the ruby chocolate—a remarkable discovery that has revolutionized the chocolate world with its naturally occurring ruby color, vibrant fruity flavor, and unique sour notes. Aysha, inspired by the Callebaut chocolate experts and their ruby revelation, has embraced this ‘secret from nature’ to create keks that are not just treats, but treasures.

Discover the Ruby Among Chocolates
We invite you to explore the exceptional world of Callebaut and their ruby chocolate discovery, which has become a cornerstone of our baking philosophy at tinykeks Bakery. Visit their website to delve into the story of the chocolate that has become synonymous with our bakery’s reputation for excellence.
At tinykeks Bakery, we’re more than bakers—we’re creators, artists, and purveyors of happiness. Join us on this delicious journey, where every cookie is a masterpiece, and every bite is a moment to cherish.