Ramadan Delights: Exclusive Seasonal Treats at tinykeks Bakery in St. Louis

February 5, 2024 0 Comments

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, tinykeks Bakery is thrilled to unveil an exclusive menu that celebrates the art of sweet confections with a touch of traditional flair. We’re welcoming this auspicious time with a special selection that perfectly complements the spirit of fasting, feasting, and community.

Introducing Our Ramadan Menu: A Fusion of Flavors

NEW ARRIVAL: Štrudlica sa Datulama Our newest creation is the Štrudlica sa Datulama, a delightful date-filled pastry that promises to be a crowd-pleaser. This sweet treat is not only perfect for suhoor and iftar but also as a thoughtful gift for loved ones during this season of sharing.
BEST CHOICE: Karamel Bademi & Orasčići As part of our ‘Best Choice’ offerings, we’re featuring the Karamel Bademi – caramelized almonds that offer a crunchy, sweet bite, and Orasčići – a nutty, buttery delight that melts in your mouth. These are more than just cookies; they’re tinykeks Bakery’s homage to tradition and taste.

CLASSIC FAVORITES: Limun Kolačići & Vanilija Kolačići Punjeni Smokvama Our classic favorites like the zesty Limun Kolačići and the aromatic Vanilija Kolačići filled with figs are making a comeback, ensuring that there’s a familiar taste for everyone at the iftar table.

DECADENT TREATS: Lokumi Punjeni Pekmezom & Šape For those who seek indulgence, our Lokumi filled with a rich, sweet syrup and the ever-popular Šape cookies are the perfect end to a day of fasting. These sweets are not only delicious but also embody the warmth and generosity of Ramadan.

FRESH FROM THE OVEN: Kuglice & Badem Kolačići And let’s not forget our fresh-from-the-oven Badem Kolačiće. These bite-sized treats are crafted with care and baked to perfection, offering a sumptuous treat for all who gather for iftar.

Join Us in Celebration

tinykeks Bakery invites you to embrace the joy of Ramadan with our specially curated menu.

Visit Us or Place Your Order: To savor these delectable treats,place an order online at www.tinykeks.com. For direct inquiries, call us at (314)665-4012.

Join us in celebrating a month of reflection, community, and culinary delight. From all of us at tinykeks Bakery, Ramadan Kareem!